Digital Leadership


This programme equips you with the knowledge, skills and tools for effective digital leadership.



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Course Highlights







Learn to lead, manage and influence digitally-driven change across your institution, department, services and teams




The course will train you to implement specific digital solutions, and also encourage you to use digital tools appropriate to your own professional development.



Make better decisions for your institution in an environment of increasing digital dependence and in response to rising expectations for digital learning.



Module 1: Developing a Digital Environment

Build scenarios for alternative digital futures.

15 Minutes

Envisage your institution responding both positively and negatively to change factors in the digital environment over the next five years.

10 Minutes

Explore why and how your institution could respond to changing expectations of your digital environment and envisage the environments and services needed to enable teachers to prepare learners to flourish in a digital world.

12 Minutes

Module 2: Enhancing Digital Experiences for Learning

Plan how to use a variety of techniques to engage learners in dialogue about their digital learning environment.

15 Minutes

Research and analyze intelligence about students’ needs and expectations when learning online.

10 Minutes

Consider how students differ in their use of digital technologies for online learning and what they need to thrive in an online learning environment

12 Minutes

Module 3: Increasing Engagement Strategies

Review digital capacity in your institution.

15 Minutes

Explore ways to support the continuous professional development of staff and support them in developing their digital skills, expertise, and know-how.

10 Minutes

Explore how your institution develops digital skills of learners.

12 Minutes

Module 4: Leadership Audit and Developing a Digital Strategy

Develop a vision to enhance online learning for your institution

15 Minutes

Identify professional development needs

10 Minutes

Create a digital strategy action plan

12 Minutes

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