Developing as an Online Practitioner

Developing as an Online Practitioner

This course explores what you need to know and prepare for a successful transition of your curriculum.



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This course challenges tutors to consider the characteristics of design and facilitation for effective online learning.
It introduces key ideas for choosing and using technologies to design online courses including structure, learning tasks, learning environment, tutor moderation, and communication with students.
Student engagement, learning, attainment, and satisfaction in online learning benefit from a carefully designed process of induction to the technological and social learning environment.
This enables students to gain confidence in contributing to online dialogue, including building on the ideas of their peers and tutors but also challenging them when appropriate.
This workshop introduces participants to key research-informed principles and practical strategies for effective online learning as well as providing tools for continuing professional development and leadership of change in practice.


Course Highlights




A critical understanding of key principles for design and facilitation of effective online learning courses



Practical strategies for design of online learning environments and learning tasks that promote student engagement and learning.
Practical strategies for online facilitation including investment in student induction and socialisation so that they can contribute confidently to collaborative learning



An introduction to professional inquiry as an approach to collective instructional leadership for the further development of practice in online learning in their institutional settings



Module 1: Planning for Online Learning

Prepare to teach in an online environment.

15 Minutes

Organize your course materials and communicate with students.

30 Minutes

Conduct classes synchronously and asynchronously online.

15 Minutes

Module 2: Transitioning from Face-to-Face to Online Delivery

Prepare students to learn in an online environment.

15 Minutes

Technologically enhance what we do for an online environment

10 Minutes

Using educational materials online

12 Minutes

Module 3: Developing as an Online Practitioner

Evaluating change to online practice using learning analytics

15 Minutes

Enhancing your practice online using feedback, reflection and action research

10 Minutes

Developing support networks and professional development

12 Minutes


Who should take the course

Designed for institutions to register and invite their faculty to attend, academicians and anyone serving the Education sector

Why should you take the course?

This workshop offers thorough preparation for taking the curriculum and transferring it online.


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