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The needs of today’s students include the development of essential life skills (collaboration, communication, listening, reflection, problem-solving) that will empower them to thrive in the workplace and in society.

Innovative and engaging professional development is essential for institutions to meet the growing needs of their students while remaining competitive in a global higher education market.

Life skills development as we know it isn’t enough…

Transformative Learning (TL) is the key to unlocking critical reflection skills and a powerful tool in preparing students to succeed in a challenging, ever-changing world.


A collaborative Transformative Learning (TL) platform with a growing global community of over 7,000 professionals that provides courses and support in developing 21st century teaching & learning strategies.

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A unique Transformative Learning (TL) platform to better prepare students with essential life skills alongside disciplinary expertise.

Faculty, administrators, and staff can also benefit from developing TL skills that enhance personal well-being and success.

Locally collaborative.

Globally connected.

By leveraging an international community of higher education professionals, Qedex inspires collaboration, connection, and partnerships from around the world, including input and guidance from our International Advisory Board.

An engaging Transformative Learning platform that fosters collegial networking, professional growth, and shared resources.

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