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Quality Assurance

Strategic Planning

Institutional Research

International Consultancy Specialising in Quality Assurance, Program Accreditation,   National Accreditation and Student Success.

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Who Are We

QASPIR is a team of passionate Higher Education consultants that want to assist institutions in their accreditation and development of institutional effectiveness.  Collectively, our team covers every aspect of IE, ranging from financial management, health and safety, risk management, strategic planning, assessment, accreditation, analytics IR.

Where do we work

QASPIR is able to deploy consultants across the globe.  Tell us the challenge and we will find the right consultant to work with you.  We remain continuously engaged with our client throughout the consultative process until we are satisfied that the institution has well established processes and trained staff to continue the work.


How do we do it

Our process starts with a customizable and comprehensive diagnosis within the specific area for the institution. This is followed by onsite consultation that will enable institutions to meet accreditation standards; measure outcomes-based learning goals and institutional objectives for continuous improvement; as well as risk management; health & safety and other aspects of accreditation


What else do we do

QASPIR also provides exceptionally high quality conferences, webinars and workshops, that are based on instruction.   We bring people together to share how to get the best processes for your institution and be able to give feedback to your institution.  The QASPIR community is designed to give resources to anyone  that requires assistance through forums, presentations, white papers, data reports and benchmarking.

Registered company: 08896764 United Kingdom

Accredited by CPD UK.