The Three Pillars of Institutional Success

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Who we are

QASPIR is your partner for institutional effectiveness, faculty development, student success and continuous improvement. We specialise in consulting, conferences, workshops  research, marketing and bringing together a higher education community for all faculty and staff.  Through our work institutions can improve their Student Learning, Retention and Graduation.


Our vision is to be a highly respected, trusted service provider to Higher Education.

Our mission is to provide high quality services to Higher Education and be instrumental in their success for continuous improvement.

Our 4 values address the challenges, needs and aspirations
of our Vision and Mission




QASPIR has professional educators and education managers from all over the world who are able to apply the latest innovative thinking for institutions and to their own strategic goals.

Additionally, QASPIR has certified vocational trainers that can provide courses in English, Spanish and Arabic. We specialise in Vocational training, Health & Safety, Risk Management, & Corporate training.


QASPIR has over 30 years of collective experience in providing quality conferences. As well as providing IE conferences all around the world, we work with institutions in providing their own events. QASPIR conferences are based on instruction. The focus is on giving the attendee a practitioner’s approach in improving performance. We take pride in our network of experts from all around the world and our ability to provide world leading speakers and instructors.


QASPIR’S consultation works on a solution-based model. We remain continuously engaged with our client throughout the consultative process until we are satisfied that the institution has well established processes and trained staff to continue the work. Our process starts with a customisable and comprehensive diagnosis within the specific area for the institution. This is followed by onsite consultation that will enable institutions to meet accreditation standards; measure outcomes-based learning goals and institutional objectives for continuous improvement and accreditation.

What our customers are saying

Very good introductory course on online teaching. The concepts and frameworks are very useful. The tutors were knowledgeable in the subject and skilful in their communication. However, a small hands-on exercise would have been very useful to many who are new to this. Even for those who are familiar with the basics, it is important to go beyond, such as into facilitating peer reviews, constructing rubrics, etc.


This online workshop is extremely beneficial and informative, especially for faculty development. Training materials were well organized and based on quality. Instructors were enormously professional and pleasant. I have enriched a lot on this online workshop which invoke a new thrust area of professional development. Thanking you all.

Santosh Behera

The workshop was very useful so far as Online Learning is concerned.It was well organised.Experts were very cooperative.Questions in the test for participants were logical.Workshop was really praiseworthy.

Harekrushana Agasti

It has been a wonderful learning experience with Qaspir. The depth of knowledge of the instructors have been very useful in being able to gain a lot of insights into transitioning from a conventional mode of teaching learning to online. The references to earlier research as well as their own research brought a lot of depth to the course. The questions from participants and the subsequent discussions led to a lot more additional learning. I would like to specifically mention that the course quiz on assessment was really tricky and provided me with a lot of insight of how to create similar quizzes. All the points specifically brought out regarding using an online quiz as a formative assessment tool played out here. Finally, thanks are due to the organizers Stuart and team. Kudos for a well organized workshop. Look forward to related workshops.

Dr. Mandaar Pande

It was a great learning for we the learners into this unknown territory of teaching methods. Dare to say ,i know little .Many aspects of knowledge were unlearnt in process of learning to uncover the unknown for online teaching and learning. 

Mihir Chandra

The workshop is very meticulously planned and very well designed. Detailed exposure about the use of online tools has been very helpful. The study material  comprising of the PPTs and some good videos helped much. Overall good value addition was done.

Debasis Sarkar

I find it beneficial for online learning programs especially with reference to online learning strategies, selection of online materials, apps and online assessment techniques. These methods will be crucial for achieving optimal functionality in terms of acquisition of knowledge not only for the learners but also for the tutors.

Hemanga Dutta

This is a wonderful learning platform for me to understand online education system.


It was wonderful experience as a learner I had a brainstorming session
All were good well organized.


Very good content. Nice explanation of all topics. Very interactive session!

Adinath Puri

Extremely interesting, concise and engaging program.

Jyoti Dewan

Extremely interesting, concise and engaging program.

Jyoti Dewan

Excellent and enlightening program!

Shanker Krishna

Really very grateful to you. I am extremely happy to learn the way to teach the students through online. It went really fine!

Dr Parimalendu Bandyopadhyay

It was a wonderful experience learning about online Teaching and came to know various tools to conduct online teaching.

Nilesh Nirmal