Prof. Pete Boyd

Prof. Pete Boyd

Prof Pete Boyd is an education consultant and research mentor working with educators and practitioner researchers in schools, colleges and universities to support the development of research-informed practice.

He is emeritus professor in education at the University of Cumbria and visiting professor in academic development at Newman University.

For 12 years Pete was a teacher and head of department in secondary schools in the north of England and for three years worked in residential adventure education and field-study for primary and secondary school students. He became a teacher educator based in higher education and his primary field is teacher education, including initial education for beginning teachers as well as advanced professional education and professional development for experienced teachers.

As a teacher educator Pete contributed to teaching and learning development, including design and validation of an innovative part-time foundation degree programme for teaching assistants and a fully online part-time masters level programme for experienced teachers. He moved into academic development and led a programme for new academics on teaching, learning and assessment in higher education. His research at this time related to this academic development role and focused on academic induction and on assessment and feedback in higher education. Pete was the lead author of UK national guidelines for academic induction of new teacher educators based in higher education. The ‘Becoming Teacher Educator’ guidelines were published by the Higher Education Academy and won the BERA / Sage practitioner research prize in 2009


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