Educational Technologies

Educational Technologies for Online Learning

This course covers a range of educational technologies for content creation, personalization and for social communication.


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Course Highlights







This course opens instructors up to a much wider range of resources, showing you what to look for and how to choose



Identify and personalise the right tools and technologies for content creation.



Social Communication

Identify and implement technologies for social communication.


Module 1: Technologies for Content Creation

Enhancing tools and materials you already use

15 Minutes

Low-tech, low-complexity video recording

10 Minutes

Using small interactive tools with big impact

E-learning developing tools

12 Minutes

12 Minutes

Module 2: Personalisation Of Tools for Learning

Serving diverse audiences

15 Minutes

Giving control to learners

10 Minutes

Making your online materials accessible

12 Minutes

Module 3: Technologies for Social Communication

Networking and collaboration tools for promoting online community

15 Minutes

Social technologies for enhancing the online presence

10 Minutes

Benefits of support networks and how to develop them

12 Minutes

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