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Quality Assurance in South America Conference, May 27-28

QASA 2020

Qaspir Consulting are proud to partner with Universidad de Las Américas–Ecuador in bringing this conference to Ecuador.

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Our conference in partnership with UDLA: Universidad de Las Américas – Ecuador- Quality Assurance South America provides an opportunity to learn from colleagues and experts in higher education how best practices can improve quality assurance, institutional and program effectiveness, and student success, through networking with peers and hearing how other institutions stay current in their pursuit of continuous improvement.

Higher education is becoming more and more challenging for institutions as they struggle to demonstrate excellence to compete for student enrolment, funding and accreditation at both program and institution level.   Consequently, the focus on assessment is heightened to provide accountability, which makes this area a driving force throughout institutions.


Higher education institutions everywhere face challenges as they strive to demonstrate academic excellence, compete for student enrolment, guarantee sufficient funding and achieve important accreditations at both program and institutional levels. Consequently, their focus on quality assurance is key in order to provide accountability to students, employers and society in general, making this area a driving force for institutions.

Quality Assurance is a key driver for institutions in higher education. Whether your institution has recently begun to develop a Quality Assurance Strategy or is already well into its plan, having reliable data and being able to understand and take action is an integral part of any institution’s efforts.

QASA 2020 offers ample opportunities to gather new knowledge and insight to put a strong QA strategy and framework into place. Additionally, areas such as student success, assessment, and institutional effectiveness are becoming increasingly important for institutions, and these topics will also be discussed.

The conference provides a practitioner’s approach to enhancing continuous improvement in three key areas:

  • Student Success
  • Assessment
  • Institutional Effectiveness

In addition to the concurrent sessions, the conference also includes a workshop component for assessment and a poster session that allows delegates to present a 2-minute overview and go into a prize draw for the best poster.

Join our highly acclaimed keynote speakers Linda Suskie, Dr. Timothy Brophy from University of Florida, along with Prof. Pete Boyd from University of Cumbria, UK, Dr. Alexis Brooks-Walter from Virginia State University.  Additionally, speakers from all over South America will provide a practitioner’s approach to quality assurance for continuous improvement.

Knowledge – Data – Assesment

Whether your institution has recently begun to develop an assessment process or well into its IE plan, having reliable data and being able to understand and take action becomes an integral part.  This conference offers ample opportunities to gather new knowledge and insight to put a strong assessment system and impact framework into place.  Additionally, areas such as evaluating distance learning and developing co-curricular learning outcomes are areas that are becoming increasingly important for institutions and these areas will also be discussed.

We are delighted to have Linda Suskie and Dr Timothy S. Brophy as our Keynote Speakers

Linda Suskie

Linda Suskie

Linda Suskie is an internationally recognized consultant, writer, speaker, and educator on a broad variety of higher education assessment and accreditation topics.  Her books include Assessing Student Learning: A Common Sense Guide, one of the best-selling books on assessment in higher education, and Five Dimensions of Quality: A Common Sense Guide to Accreditation and Accountability.

Linda worked seven years as a vice president at the Middle States Commission on Higher Education. Her higher education experience includes work in assessment, institutional research, strategic planning, and quality management.

Linda has taught undergraduate and graduate courses in assessment, educational research methods, writing, statistics, and developmental mathematics.  She holds a bachelor’s degree in quantitative studies from Johns Hopkins University and a master’s in educational measurement and statistics from the University of Iowa.

Dr Timothy S. Brophy

Dr Timothy S. Brophy

Timothy S. Brophy is Director of Institutional Assessment at the University of Florida and Professor of Music Education. He has published over 50 articles and book chapters, is sole author of three books, editor of nine books, and a founding editor of the open-access online Journal of Assessment in Higher Education.  He serves as an assessment expert for the New York State Arts Blue Ribbon Commission and served as an assessment developer for the International Baccalaureate in the Hague, Netherlands. 

At the University of Florida, Dr. Brophy developed, implements, and sustains the University of Florida’s Assessment System and serves as Chair of the Academic Assessment Committee. He is responsible for all matters related to the university’s accreditation with the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC), and established, maintains, and refines the university’s institutional effectiveness and assessment processes. He served on the SACSCOC Board of Trustees from 2011-2017 and is the University of Florida’s SACSCOC liaison. He currently serves as a chair for SACSCOC on-site and off-site review committees.

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