Grading Student Work

Grading Student Work

Academic leadership to develop shared academic standards

October 22, 2020

This workshop addresses the issue of considerable variation in grading of individual student work by different tutors, which is always a challenge with the complex assessment tasks appropriate for higher education levels.

The workshop supports leadership through key steps of: recognising the issue and the opportunities; developing assessment literacy of managers and tutors; identifying the uses and limitations of quality assurance tools to monitor academic standards; developing social moderation and calibration activities with teaching teams; and developing exemplar workshops with students to help their development of evaluative judgment in their subject discipline.

In completing this workshop, you will be able to demonstrate


Understanding of key concepts including: academic standards; constructive alignment; evaluative judgment; social moderation; and calibration.


Critical evaluation of the theory and research relevant to variation in tutor grading of student work in higher education.


In-depth understanding and practical skills in judging student work, including research-informed strategies for fair marking and developing self-awareness.


Understanding of effective second-marking, moderation and calibration activities that help to ensure fairness of grading, appropriate content for tutor feedback, and a shared understanding of academic standards within and beyond a programme teaching team


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