Effective Tutor Feedback

Effective Tutor Feedback

Academic leadership for maximising student learning gain from assessment

This workshop focuses on developing effective tutor feedback on assessments that has maximum impact on students’ engagement, learning, retention, progress, and attainment.

Universities make a considerable investment of time and effort into tutor feedback on student assessments, but it is often difficult to estimate its impact. This workshop builds on theory and research evidence to support your leadership strategy for developing high quality tutor feedback that is appropriate for your context.

In completing this workshop, you will be able to demonstrate


Critical understanding of the learning power of ‘assessment for learning’, including formative and summative assessment as well as peer and self-assessment.


Practical understanding and skills in providing written feedback on complex university level assessment responses by students.


The application of research-informed principles for effective dialogic tutor feedback to the development of a strategy for developing feedback practice within your subject discipline and institutional context.


The place and potential of tutor feedback within a cycle of student planning, monitoring, and reviewing as self-regulated learners.


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