Assessment Review

Assessment Review

Academic leadership for assessment review at module and programme levels

September 18, 2020

Assessment in higher education has a powerful influence on student approaches to learning and is a key area for improving student satisfaction and institutional reputation regarding academic standards.

The workshop introduces practical strategies and tools for leading change in practice through professional inquiry at module and programme level.

Informed by a research evidence base on change in assessment practice in higher education, as well as contemporary perspectives on distributed leadership, the workshop proposes a collaborative professional inquiry approach to review by generating and analysing data, including student grades and programme documents as well as student and tutor perspectives through survey and / focus groups.

In completing this workshop, you will be able to demonstrate


Critical understanding of the influence of assessment design and facilitation on student approaches to learning.


A critical perspective on collective approaches to leadership of change in higher education contexts and the potential of developing collaborative professional inquiry and teaching teams as learning communities.


An understanding of the potential and the limitations of learner data analytics for evaluative review at module and programme level.


Practical application of strategies and tools for review of assessment at module and programme level through professional inquiry.


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